Hahei – Cathedral Cove

Hahei is the place you want to stay at when planning your visit to Cathedral Cove. From here you can walk over the beach to the beautiful Cathedral Cove.

It is about 2,5 hours drive from Auckland which gives you so many amazing views so it is not a boring trip. We stayed at the first hotel when you enter Hahei so we drove of to the beach to start our walk over the beach and up the hill next to it. You can also start at the carpark on the hill and continue from there. However I recommend to do the hike from the beach as this gives you a spectacular view of the Hahei area/beach. (about 30 min extra walking)

In total it takes about 45 min (+ 30 min from the beach) to walk to the Cathedral Cove. And off course you want to stay here for at least and hour to walk around and enjoy the amazing view and the company of some seagulls watching you eat.

What to bring when hiking to Cathedral cove

  • Good hiking shoes (there can be mud when it rained)
  • T-shirt + sweater
  • Raincoat
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Camera!!
  • Towel
  • Bikini/bathing suit/shorts (on a sunny day)

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